miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Welcome to this new course,4ºB students.

 I hope you all enjoy learning English and participate in this blog. So, as a first task,I want you to introduce yourself and say what you expect from this year, don't worry if you make mistakes, just try.
Hi, I'm your teacher and I hope you learn a lot this course!


10 comentarios:

  1. My expectations for this year are basic, I hope to get the course, with good grades, and They learn a lot of knowledge on all subjects
    By:sergio puerta

  2. My name is Eduard and I hope that this year ill pass all my subjects and learn very much

  3. my name is Ayoub Hattabi, and hopefully learn a lot this year and approve the course with good grades.

  4. Elisabeth Montejano4 de octubre de 2012, 19:36

    My name is Elisabeth and this year I hope to pass the course.

  5. Hello my name is Adrian and i hope to learn a lot of english and pass this grade.