jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Getting to know people.

How would you start a conversation when you talk to a stranger?

Do you know this film: Working Girl!

Watch the trailer of Working Girl and answer these questions:

Where does the film take place?

Which famous landmark can you see at the beginning of the film?

What jobs do the girls do in their company?

What happened to the boss?

If you are interested in the whole story why don't you try and watch the rest of the film but... try it in English

Let's eat out!

Now we are going to learn how we can manage in a restaurant, learn this vocabulary and practise it with your partner.

Boking a hotel room.

We're going to work with vocabulary related to accomodation click here finding a room and practise what we have learnt.

Can you tell me the way to....?

Now we are going to practise different dialogues dealing with giving directions

This is my business!

Imagine you have your own business and you have to talk about it, learn these useful expressions for presentations.

Travelling by...!

These useful expressions will help you whenever you travel abroad.

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011


Let's practise some listening relatad to weddings thanks to Caroline Brown , who gave me this exercise.