lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Watch this trailer One fine day

This is an oral activity for 1º bach.A and 4ºC, watch the video and answer these questions first:
How many people are there?
Where are these people?
Which city or country is it,why?
What are they doing?
Why and what for?

Now,describe the scene by reporting your answers to your classmates,as if it was a story.(Use modal verbs of deduction, It/they must be..., it/they might/could be... it/they can't be...)
Example :
There are ... people in ...
They must/might/could/can't be ... because...

Visit it if you like music and you want to practise your English!

Watch the famous soliloquy from Hamlet

What do you know about Shakespeare?

Look out 4ºA Visit these site and find out about Shakespeare and his works, you can have a look at Hamlet.  Answer these questions: 1. When was Shakespeare born? 2. Where was he born? 3. What did he do? 4. How many plays did he write? 5. Where is Hamlet located? 6. When was it written? 7. What kind of play is it?