miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Match the love song to the film

Let's play this game, can you match the song to the film.
1 Grease                                                A My Heart will Go on
2 Titanic                                                B  Stand by Me 
3 Aladdin                                              C  I Will always Love You
4 Stand by Me                                       D Everything I do I do it for You
5 Robin Hood: Prince of  Thieves        E  Hopelessly Devoted to You
6 The Lion King                                    F  A Whole New World
7 Up,Close and Personal                      G Can You Feel the Love Tonight
8 My Best Friend's Wedding                H  Because you Loved me
9 The Bodyguard                                  I  The Way you Look Tonight 
10 Ghost                                               J  Unchained Melody 

Love is all around

Today is Saint Valentine's day, can you feel it? Click here and sing along

Love is all around!

Watch these scenes from the film Love Actually and answer the following questions:
How many different couples appear in these scenes?
How many parts of the body did you hear?
Which message did the boy show the girl?
Do you know who sings this song?
How many songs can you name containing the word love in its title?