domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Match the love song to the film

Let's play this game, can you match the song to the film.
1 Grease                                                A My Heart will Go on
2 Titanic                                                B  Stand by Me 
3 Aladdin                                              C  I Will always Love You
4 Stand by Me                                       D Everything I do I do it for You
5 Robin Hood: Prince of  Thieves        E  Hopelessly Devoted to You
6 The Lion King                                    F  A Whole New World
7 Up,Close and Personal                      G Can You Feel the Love Tonight
8 My Best Friend's Wedding                H  Because you Loved me
9 The Bodyguard                                  I  The Way you Look Tonight 
10 Ghost                                               J  Unchained Melody 

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